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Candle Dye for Gel and Wax Candles

Each Dye Block is approximately .5 ounces and is enough to color about 20 pounds of regular wax a nice, medium shade OR 650 pounds of gel wax. To use these dyes in gel, simply scrape a TINY piece into your heated gel. Adjust to preference.

Available Colors (Each Dye Block is .95 each)

Wax and Gel Candle Dye Blocks



White Dye Block 

Avocado Dye Block

Bay Berry Dye Block

Black Dye Block

Brown Dye Block

Burgundy Dye Block

Cherry Dye Block

Christmas Green

Christmas Red

Gold Dye Block

Hunter Green Dye Block

Ivory Dye Block 

Kelly Green Dye Block

Lemon Yellow Dye Block

Lime Green

Mauve Dye Block

Navy Blue

Orange Dye Block

Peach Dye Block

Pink Dye Block 

Purple Dye Block 


Red Dye Block 

Royal Blue Dye Block

Ruby Red Dye Block


Sunshine Yellow Dye Block

Turquoise Dye Block

Violet Dye Block

Wedgewood Blue Dye Block

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