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Fragrance Oils for Candles, Potpourri, Light Rings

Fragrance Oils for Gel Candles, Wax Candles, and Skin Apps such as lotion, soap, etc.

Newest Scents: Egyptian Musk, Lavender Apples and Oak BBW Type (YUMMY!!!), Sunflower, Leather, Sex on the Beach, Bunches of Grape, and Sweet Pea BBW Type

All scents are guaranteed non-polar (gel safe) unless otherwise indicated and have flash points of 170 degrees or higher.  

Polar Scents: Sensual

Pricing Schedule: 

 8 oz.=12.99   1 lb.=$20

1 oz. = $2.49

2 oz.=$4.99

4 ounce = $7.29

8 ounce = $12.99

1 Pound = $21.99

Disposable Fragrance Oil Droppers  

Set of 10 for $1.00


Leather  Rich scent of real leather - perfect for all types of masculine designs.

Peppermint   Crisp, snappy peppermint scent. 


Angel Food Cake   Smells like the cake is ready to come out of the oven. Excellent throw

palest yellow

Apple Pie *best seller* Rich, cinnamon apple scent 


Room Full of Roses  Incredibly rich, true rose scent


Baby Fresh   Clean, baby fresh scent


Blue Raspberry Raspberries with a tart edge. Great scent with an excellent throw.

palest yellow

Cherries Jubilee   Light, brisk (very realistic) cherry scent


Christmas Tree   Close your eyes and you'll swear you're in a forest of fir trees

med. green

Cinnamon A holiday favorite!


Coffee Freshly brewed, rich scent.

palest yellow


Now with a richer, more realistic cola scent

med. yellow

Tropical Paradise  To die for! A peachy, tropical fruit scent

palest yellow

Cucumber Melon Sharp melon fragrance with a rich throw

palest yellow

Polo for Men Type  

Rich, masculine, sexy scent

French Vanilla A wonderfully warm, rich French vanilla  

pale yellow

Fruit Slices Rich true fruit scent - not a lot of melon 


Georgia Peaches Mouthwatering true peach scent


Light Musk Warm, sexy musk scent with a touch of floral

very dark


All of our fragrances are GEL-SAFE

Margarita Brisk lime 


Mixed Berries Strong berry scent

med. yellow

Mulberry Very strong 

dark yellow

Pear Blossom *best seller* Spicy pear scent / great throw


Lavender, Apples, and Oak Wonderfully rich, romantic, and comforting scent. 

pale yellow

Pomegranate Very fruity, pleasant scent

medium yellow

Lavender, Apples, and Oak A wonderfully, fresh. rich, and outdoorsy scent. 


Sea Breeze Not floral - rather like a deodorant soap scent. 

pale green

Sensual Incense with a touch of musk - well named. Fails polarity testing but doesn't cloud gel

medium yellow

Sugar Cookie *best seller* Grab a glass of milk! Just like a plate of warm sugar cookies


Vanilla Bean *best seller*  Excellent true, fresh vanilla scent 

palest yellow

Christmas Spice    

A wonderfully rich and spicy Christmas scent


Very realistic fresh gingerbread scent. 

Oatmeal Milk and Honey 

Wonderful natural, new scent BBW Type


Eternity for Men 

Yummy!! :) 



Fragrance Oil is sold by weight and not liquid ounces. Why? I have no idea! It's how we buy it, too. :)


These fragrances are not diluted or cut. We promise a strong, gel safe scent that you can use in candles, potpourri, soap (with the exception of cinnamon), light bulb rings, and other applications.  


To test for polarity, mix 1 part fragrance with three parts mineral oil. If the mixture turns cloudy, then it is polar and generally not recommended for gel. Use only scents with a flash point of 170 degrees or above. All scents on this site have been tested and the results posted below.  

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