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Do Gel Candles Explode? 

Gel Candle F.A.Q.

Table of Contents

Are gel candles safe? I've heard that they can explode!

What is gel made of?

What is the difference between low, medium, and high density gel?

How do you ship ?

Are gel candles safe?

Gel candles are just as safe as any other type of candle. While you should never add flammable items to any candle, the gel itself has no explosive properties. There is a popular internet rumor that is spread by email that begins, "A friend of mine's secretary bought a gel candle and..." Penreco representatives have long since stopped trying to locate the source of this popular urban legend. As long as you use sturdy glassware and do not add flammable materials, then they should work just fine. One word of warning - keep your candles free of dust! Dust, whether you realized it or not, can burn, and if you allow a layer of dust to collect on the top of you candle, this dust can become saturated with wet wax and burn. Store/display candles with lids on them or carefully wipe the exposed wax clean with a rag that has been soaked in mineral oil.

What is gel made of?

Gel wax is made from mineral oil and a special resin that gives it the solid property. This is a great thing to remember when you are thinking about adding items to your candles - you know you could put glass, sand, and shells in hot oil but you wouldn't dare add silk flowers. While the gel wax should never get as hot as the oil you fry French fries in, it's a handy rule of thumb to go by. If you wouldn't try to fry it, don't put it in a candle!

What is the difference in densities?

The most specific difference is the amount of resin in the formulation. The higher the density, the greater the "throw" of the scent. Low density can handle some lighter embeds, medium density is excellent for scent and embedding, and high density is the thickest gel of all. Penreco has some excellent FAQs on the different types of gel and scent loads.

How do you ship?

We ship via UPS for domestic orders and US Mail for those who live in Alaska, HI., and other locations outside of the continental US and request this service.