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Wedding Candles

Making Wedding Candles

make your gel candle wedding candles

These are really one of my favorite designs! 

Champagne glasses are my container of choice for this design. You will need to make sure that you are using wicks with the smaller tabs such as we have here. 

Mount your wicks in the bottom of your champagne glass. Heat your gel and add some ivory dye to it. You can use a small container to pour small amounts of the colored dye into to check to make sure your colors are right. 

We chose to add gold mica to these, clouding the gel a bit but also giving them a gorgeous gold luster. (We don't carry the mica, but it is the same stuff you can get for coloring soap. We bought ours at JoAnn's, and a little mica goes a long way!)

Once we got the color we wanted (after almost a whole ivory dye block for four pounds of gel), we poured our candles and let them cool. Then we used a hot glue gun to mount the ribbons. We made the bows separately and glued them on, then we added a floral bow centerpiece to enhance the candle and hide the glue tracks. 

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