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Glass Ice, Art Glass Candy, and Other Treats





2" Glass Chili Peppers - sold in pairs What a great novelty for your favorite Tex-Mex or Southwestern cook.

$1.80 a pair


Glass Straws - in 6" and 4" lengths *these straws are decorative only - they are not hollow* They look great with our glass ice cubes.

Glass Straws

glass ice cubes for photography, drink candles, staging

Clear Glass Ice Cubes - Pack of 15-18 approx 3/4" cubes. These are excellent for photography or in decorations where you need the look of ice but can't afford the melt. Also good for home staging, mosaics, aquariums,  making drink candles,

$4 a bag

12 Glass Candies each 2" long This set of collectible glass candy makes an excellent accent for the candy dish and is a great gift for people who enjoy decorating. They are priced cheaply enough to use in mosaics and to embed in gel candles, too.


Snowflake lollipop Christmas ornaments

Blue Snowflake Lollipops Christmas Tree Ornaments

$.55 each

Wine and Beverage Markers We stock quite a few different designs of wine charms. Some are ready to use right out of the box as shown on the left, and other wine charms are offered individually so you can assemble your own. Use the link at the right to see our collection.

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