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Glass Fish and Sea Life

  Collectible glass fish for decoration, keepsakes, and souvenirs.


Description - Click Link for Larger Photo!


Desktop Aquarium Container

The perfect container for designing your own custom desktop aquarium.

*Fish and decorations not included.*


Tiny Fish in a Bowl

 - a cute, decorative glass fish in a tiny fishbowl for your desktop, shelf, or counter. This fishbowl is easily carried in the palm of your hand, measuring maybe two inches across and is an excellent miniature decoration. There are several different fish colors and styles, so the one you receive may or may not be like the one in the picture.

$.99 each

Glass Octopus

 Six different colors; each about 1.5" tall


Assorted Glass Fish - Sold in a pack of six

Each fish measures 2 1/4" long.

5.49 per pack

Miniature glass lighthouses

3" Glass Lighthouses

.99 each

2" collectible glass whales


2" Glass Whales

sold by the piece

.79 each

blue art glass crabs

3" Blue Crabs

.79 each


Glass Seahorses

These do not have the loops that you can use to suspend them. Please click on the hyperlink above for details. 

1.5" long

$3.00 per set of six (.50 each)

glass sea horse


Mini Glass Sea Horses

- Sold in a set of two

$.99 pair 


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