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Art Glass: Holidays and Special Occasions

Holiday and Seasonal Miniature Glass Ornaments, Gel Candle Embeds, and Decoratives




Glass Baby Bottles sold by the piece are available with red or yellow nipples. These make excellent baby shower favors, collectibles, or candle accents.



 Baby Booties  Wonderful baby shower favors that will keep for years to come and never fade or decay. These go great with our glass baby bottle art glass favors or the glass pacifiers shown below.


.85 each



Glass Pacifiers - sold by the piece (available in red, yellow, and blue) These pacifiers make excellent baby shower favors or collectibles.

.85 each



Easter Eggs  - No color choice available

.85 each




Mini Presents Available in both red or green, these cute little glass gift boxes are excellent knick-knacks for Christmas displays. We also carry glass Christmas trees that complement these gifts perfectly.


.85 each




Glass Art Glass Christmas Trees  These collectible glass trees are available in your choice of two different sizes (1 &  1.5" tall). These make an excellent gift for people who love all things Christmas or who collect miniature art glass items. They go well with our glass gifts and snowmen. Embed them in gel candles for a Christmas theme candle.


.85 each




Santa Claus What Christmas collection is complete without Santa? Put these out with our art glass Christmas trees and presents.

.90 each



Glass Snowmen about 2" tall Make a winter theme display of miniature art glass collectibles. We also carry glass presents and miniature Christmas trees on or about the same scale.

.95 each



baby chicken art glass chickens are collectible


Baby Chicks Celebrate Easter or complement a glass chicken collection with these baby biddies that measure around an inch or so high.

.85 each



Scary Glass Bugs We don't know what these creepy little bugs are supposed to be, but we are pretty sure that they would make Halloween even a little bit more fun.

.25 each


Glass Conversation Hearts These glass conversation hearts are 1 1/2 - 2" and are made from a heavy, red glass. Give these out as favors at your Valentine's Day part event.


$.95 each




Colored Glass Snowflake Ornaments  These stained glass snowflake Christmas ornaments are sold by the dozen. They are so beautiful when they catch the light during those ling December evenings.


$6.99 per dozen



Opalized Christmas Star Ornaments No Christmas scene is complete with at least one star ornament. These are sold by the piece so you can purchase one or a whole dozen - it's up to you.

$.99 each



Crystal cross ornaments Jesus is the reason for the season, and these gold edged glass ornaments help keep the real significance of Christmas alive and well.

$.95 each or 12 or more for $.75 each


Snowflake lollipop Christmas ornaments

Blue Snowflake Lollipops Christmas Tree Ornaments

$.55 each

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