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How to Make a Beer Candle

Beer Candles!

Make your own beer candle! A gel candle that look just like a beer

     Okay, okay - I know that this is NOT the best looking beer candle. The good news? We sold all the rest of them. :)  

     Choose a sturdy beer mug and mount your wick in the bottom with a wick sticky. Lay a popsicle stick or piece of coathanger across the top. Center your wick and clip it to the coathanger. 

     Melt your gel and add gold dye to it until you achieve the shade you want. Remember, the gel is going to cool lighter than it looks when you are adding the dye. 

     Pour the gold dye 3/4 of the way to the top of the candle. Allow your candle to cool. 

     Melt a small amount of gel in a clean pot. Add white dye - lots of it - until you get a good, thick white color. Once you have done that, pour your hot gel into a sturdy mixing bowl. Whip it with a fork until you get it good and foamy looking. Pour the white gel into the top of the candle and allow to run over the sides slightly just like the head on a real beer. 

     I trimmed this one because of the difficulty in packaging when you have all the drippings on the glass, but if you can leave them, it makes an effect that is simply stunning! How do I really know? I almost got into real trouble for having an open beverage until the officer got right up to me and I turned it upside down.

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