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"Cracked Glass" Gel Candles

     These are a VERY easy candle to make, and they are economical because you use your leftover wax to make them with. You simply take your scraps and tear them into little pieces, or you can custom dye your gel according to the shades you want to end up with. 

     Mount your wick in the bottom of the clean, dry container. Pack the scraps into the container, taking care to pack them loosely enough so that you can fill in the cracks with clear gel (scented or unscented as you like.) 

     Fill the container with clear gel. Use a piece of coathanger or an unsharpened pencil to poke the bigger air bubbles out if you like, or you can leave them if you are pleased with the effect. Use as many or as few colors as you like! 

     For those who like to get elaborate, you can reheat your scraps and pour them in a thin layer on a cookie sheet or thin, disposable metal baking pan you get in the grocery store. Peel the gel up in thin strips and pack your container with that. That's what I did with the candle above.

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