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How to Make an Aquarium Candle 

Aquarium Candles

Make your own gel candle aquarium! Free instructions

This one is best done in two steps.

     Select your glassware, fish, and flooring such as craft sand, gems, or sea gems. (We have all of those, too. :) Mount your wick in the bottom of your container with a wick sticky. (If using sea gems and/or real coral, wash and dry these items thoroughly before adding to your candle).

     Heat your gel. You can add some scent now or wait until right before you get ready to pour the main part of your candle. 

     Once you have placed your wick, add a one to one and a half inch layer of flooring to your candle. Place the decorative items such as shells and bottom embeds on the floor of your candle. Pour two inches of gel into the bottom of the candle, and place in a 180 degree oven for about an hour to permeate the gel throughout the flooring. This cuts down on bubbles later. 

     Remove the candle from the oven. Using thin fishing line, string your fish through the hole in the top. Lay a piece of wire coathanger or popsicle stick over the top of your container. Tie the fishing line over it to hold your floating fish in place. Pour the rest of your candle. 

     At this point, you can allow your candle to cool and see how many bubbles you have or you can go ahead and pop it back into the oven to get the rest of the bubbles out. The longer you leave it in, the cleared your candle gets and the fainter the scent becomes. (That's why you can bake over-scented cloudy candles to clear them up - the heat makes the scent evaporate faster.) 

     Once you are satisfied with the way your candle turned out, then cut the string and slowly remove the fishing line. 

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