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Mosaic Glass and Tiles

Welcome to our collection of glass shapes and ceramic tiles for mosaic crafting.

Stained Glass Pieces

These stained glass pieces are great for embedding into your mosaic. They are a wide range of colors and sizes, and they are sold by the pound.

River Rock

We carry a good selection of river rock for sale in black, white, or mixed, large river rock or pebble-sized. These river rocks are sold in net bags that range from one pound to 2.2 (or kilo) sized bags. Need to buy river rock in bulk? Contact us for a price quote - we can help!

Flat glass shapes perfect for mosaics and other crafts!

Moons, stars, hearts, butterflies, ceramic flowers, and more - all with flat sides or bottoms!

Regular and Mini Glass Gems

We carry a wide range of both regular and miniature size gems that are flat on one side and rounded on the other.

Assorted glass fish, bugs, and other neat styles

This collection includes fish, frogs, dolphins, sea life, and specialty glass figures that can be incorporated into your creation.

Sea Glass

We have flat sea glass pieces in pound bags, as well as a really large variety of colors such as light blue, red, pink, topaz yellow, white, green, aqua, Bali blue, and more. We have sea glass you can buy on almost any budget.


Glass squiggles, mirrors, ceramic geometric, celestial, and garden shaped tiles

Here is our collection of stained glass squiggles, both round and square  mirrors, and specialty glazed ceramic tiles. Our tiles come in flowers and leaves, geometric shapes, moons and stars.


Sea Shells

Ranging from tiny shells that are sold by the cup to Haitian conch shells that measure in the three inch range, we have a shell for every occasion. We stock natural shells as well as pearled and dyed types.

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