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Scrapbook Tools Assortment



10x10 Self-Healing Cutting Mat from Making Memories

This self-healing cutting mat works great for trimming and cropping photos and  cutting out embellishments. The grid helps you keep your lines straight and eliminate the guesswork.


Making memories eyelet setting mat

Eyelet Setting Mat from Making Memories 4" x 4"

The perfect size mat for setting eyelets and snaps. Protect your table top while keeping the mess minimal.


needles for paper crafts from Making Memories

Paper Needles Assortment from Making Memories


folding paper crop can made from black mesh folds easily for storage

Folding Crop Can from Making Memories 

Keep up with all of those annoying paper scraps with this collapsible crop can. It folds up easily and tucks away into your scrapbook bag.


Complete scrapbook tool kit with hammer, tweezers, eyelet setter, paper hole punch

Complete Tool Kit from Making Memories?

 includes hammer, eyelet setter, paper hole punch, tweezers, and pliers.


Making memories paper punch

Paper Hole Punch from Making Memories? This making Memories paper hole punch allows you to easily incorporate stitches, ribbons, eyelets, and other embellishments for your scrapbook. Three interchangeable heads makes sure you always have the size you need.


eyelet setting tool from Making Memories

Eyelet Setting Tool from Making Memories Set your eyelets with the setting tool from Making Memories.


Economy Eyelet Setting Tool Set


Circle cutter and 10x10 cutting mat from making memories is on clearance

Making Memories Circle Cutter and Cutting Mat

Cut perfect circles every time with this cutter and mat from Making Memories


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