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Larger Sea Shells and Craft Shells

Welcome to our collection of larger and sliced shells. Most are sold by the piece or set, and all are reasonably priced for your craft or mosaic project. (Shells are natural and sizes/colors may vary.)


Description - Click on the links for a larger photo


Drilled Sea Urchin Spines in assorted colors

These spiny shells are classically featured in Native American jewelry and crafts.

$.25 each

Gorgeous Gold Mouth Turbos

These amazing shells look as if they were filled with gold. Natural shades of green and brown on the outside a brassy gold on the inside. Measuring about 2".


3" Dentaliums (Tusk Shells)

 in sets of 10

$4.99 per ten

3" Haitian Fighting Conch Shells

Traditional Haitian fighting conch shells in miniature. Sold by the piece.


2.5 - 3" Haitian Tree Snails (cup)

These spiral shells feature colors you never thought that you'd see in a natural shell. Blue, yellow, red, and brown candy looking stripes.


3" Whole Murex (each)

Sharp spines and hard lines make these shells stand out from the rest. Dark brown, tan, cream, and white sea shells.


2.5" Shark Eyes (each)

Wonderful soft spirals with shades of cream and sometimes purple.


3" Silver Lipped Conch Shells (each)


2-3" Sliced Canarium (cup)


Large and Extra Large India Mix (large=2.5" range and extra large in the 3+ range) Large by the cup, extra large is 8 ounce bag


Shell Sizes

(10) 1.5" to 2" Polished Babylonia 


Mexican Flat Scallops - Price is for 20 of the 1-2" shells or 3 of the 3-4" shells


Shell Sizes

3" Tiger Clams (each)

These 3" shells make excellent focal pieces for bach and tropic theme decor.



Baking Scallops - sold by the shell

(approx 4 1/2 - 5 1/2")



Baking Scallops - sold by the shell

(5 - 5 1/2" approx.)


2-3" Sliced Cerithium (sets of ten) 

These sliced shells has a wonderfully interesting pattern.


2-3" Sliced Murex (set of 10)



Set of 10 1.5 - 2.5" scallops

A favorite in nautical theme crafts and arrangements.

$3.29 per set of 10

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