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Sea Shells and Craft Shells Page 1

Welcome to our collection where you can buy our natural sea shells, craft shells, sea biscuits, and shell mixes. Most are sold by the cup, and all are reasonably priced for your craft or mosaic project. Please visit our selection of lovely pearled and/or dyed sea shells.  (Shells are natural and sizes/colors may vary.)

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1 Cup Small India Mix

An excellent assortment of sea shells from the Indian Ocean. Perfect for crafts, decorating, keepsakes, and more.


1 Cup Beach Mix

Small, bleached and whitened natural looking sea shells.


Cubu Beauty Sea Shells -

Interesting purple and white sea pitted sea shells around an inch across. Sold by the cup.


Tiny Nassa ( Dove)  Shells - 1 Cup Craft Shells

Tiny spiral sea shells in warm, sometimes speckled, shades of tan and brown with white sold by the cup.



Auger Shells

A craft and decorating classic, these pointy spiral shells are a classic craft and keepsake item. 


1" to 1.35" Dentalium (Tusk Shells) by the cup

These smaller sized white tusk shells are often used in crafts, decorating, and Native American jewelry.


1/2 - 3/4" Yellow Land Snails (set of ten)


Brown Marginellas

Pale brown sea shells have a softer spiral than augers. Sizes vary by batch, but average is about the size of a quarter. These are also sold by the cup for crafts and decorating.


Cay Cay shells

These rounded white shells are all soft lines that lead to a gentle spiral. Sold by the cup.


Brown Neritas

Two shades of brown with wavy stripes make these shells attractive and interesting. Sold by the cup.


White Bullet Shells - by the cup


Beautiful Maple Leaf Spiny Shells

An odd combination of rounded sides and flat, spiny edges make these maple leaf shells unique. Sold in a set of 10.


1 Cup Melissas

An assortment of tiny, round sea shells in shades of brown, tan, cream, khaki, and speckles. Sold by the cup, each cup contains hundreds of shells.


Star Limpets

Brown and white speckled shells that are rather like clam shells - sort of. Sold by the cup.


One Cup White Arc Shells - 1/4 - 1/2"

Tiny white clam or oyster shells with clearly defined ridges are classic craft shells. Sold by the cup.


Mexican Flat Scallops

 Amazingly flat Mexican scallops are available in two sizes. Sold in a set of 20 1/2" or 3/4" shells.


Shell Sizes

(10) Sea Cookie Sand Dollars - Quarter Size or slightly larger sea biscuits are sold in a set of ten.


(10) Miniature Sugar Starfish - 7/8 to 1.25" high. Not recommended for gel candles- flammable.

$1.98 for ten

(each) 1 - 1 1/2" Brown Starfish

$.25 each

White Decorative Fish Net 

This 5' by 14' fishing new is spaced with 2" squares in the netting. Excellent for nautical and beach party themes and decorations.


Shells in a Bottle Favors / Novelties

A great gift or decorating idea - a tiny bottle of sea shells and sand.

1.19 each

Yellow Cowries

A classic shell for both craft and jewelry making.


Tiny Littorina by the cup 



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