Tip #2

Hot Dates - Don't Miss One!

If you are a Windows use and don't have a Google Calendar account or Outlook, then get sign up for a Google Calendar account. (Mac and iPad users will have iCal, and you can use the directions below to add the ACE course calendar.) It will help immensely! Once you log in to your course, go to the Assignments page where you will see a link to the calendar.

managing assignment dates

Once you click the link to view the calendar, you will see this:

image of canvas calendar

Click on the Calendar Feed link, and you will get a pop-up with the link that you will need to add the ACE course feed to your personal Google calendar.

adding a calendar feed image

You can customize your reminders within the app that you are using so that you never miss a due date.

Need help adding the calendar feed to your Google calendar? Click here for instructions on how to do that. 


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