Teacher Technology News, Blogs, and Resources

Online sources are a great (and often free) way to stay up to speed.

It really can be surprising to discover just how much information is out there - information that is directly relevant to your degree field and studies at the American College of Education.

Edutopia is perhaps the most user-friendly source of peer-reviewed data-driven teaching and learning strategies that you will find anywhere. Founded by George Lucas, topics are K-12 relevant and range from 1:1 implementation to world languages. If you don't see what you are looking for, then you can always post on the (very active) discussion board.

Free Tech for Teachers  One of the things that I like best about blogs is that unlike static online publications, they are frequently updated with all of the resources and goodies that I do not have time to look for myself. Free Tech for Teachers is one of the best blogs that I found for locating new ideas, free resources, tutorials, and much more. Created by Richard Byrne, a certified Google teacher, this blog is updated every few days, if not more often.

Campus Technology Magazine  Campus Technology offers an astounding amount of information about current events in IT, academic freedom, open educational resources, current trends, webinars, and resource centers. If it matters to educational technology, then it's probably here.  More technical than easy read, however.

Education World  Education World is a far more user-friendly resource that offers a technology section that is focused on the instructional end of educational technology. They regularly review new technology, host lesson plans, webinar resources, and information about technology games that are class-room ready.

The Educause website is dedicated to all things IT in education with many, many relevant and timely articles with three main focuses: enterprise management, policy and security, and education and learning.

The Virtual Classroom Podcast is a Google Chrome plug-in which allows you to access podcasts in which teachers talk about how they use technology in their classrooms.

Connected Teaching and Learning Event Coverage The next best thing to being there, Connected Teaching and Learning summarizes the high point of technology in education conferences and presentations such as the annual ISTE convention, SmartBrief Education, and others with powerful roles in educational technology.