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Miniature Art Glass Wine Charms

Make your own wine charms! We have a charm for almost every occasion from St. Patrick's Day to Halloween.




Art Glass Red Daisy Wine Charms

Use with our wine charm loops to make your own wine charms from these cute little glass flowers.

.45 each

glass butterfly wine charms can also be embedded in gel candles or used in mosaics

Mini Butterflies

Sold by the piece. Use these with the red flowers and shamrocks to complete a spring or summer theme event.

.95 each

Art Glass Grapes Wine Charms

Make your own grape wine charms. We have purple, green, clear, red, blue, and pink grapes.

.45 each

Art Glass Four Leaf Clover Wine Charms

Decorate your glasses for St. Patrick's Day when everybody loves an Irishman.

.45 each

glass pumpkin Halloween wine charms

Art Glass Pumpkins Wine Charms

A cute Halloween theme charm that will go well with the ghosts below.

.45 each

Halloween ghost gel candle embeds

Art Glass Ghost Wine Charms

.45 each

Art Glass Horse Wine Charm 

These wine charms are perfect for your equestrienne.

.45 each

Wine Charm Findings - 5 Piece Pack


Finished Wine Charms


Mini Grapes in Assorted Colors

Colors available:Red,Green,Lavender, and Pink These do not need a separate wine charm ring.


Mini Fish - Set of 6

These glass fish come with the brass rings already attached so all you have to do is take them out of the box and attach them to your wine glass.


Mini Fruit Wine Charms- Set of Six 

Help your guests keep track of their drinks with these glass fruit wine charms. Just open the box and attach them to your wine glasses.


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